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Thanks for coming out to the racers Expo. We wilkl be out in West Springfield at the Frank Maratta auto show if you need anything.

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ROOF FOR 88 MONTE CARLO IS NOW MADE IN 2 PIECES!!!!! Come check it out!


We have been hard at work as the leaders in race car body technology. We have recently built a FIBERGLASS Asphalt Modified roof to replace the metal roof everyone currently is required to run. These roofs weigh 12 pounds and should be approved for local and  touring series competition.  Check out the Modified tab for pictures.

We have also manufactured acompletely fiberglass roof to replace the heavy and hard to find 88 Monte Carlo roofs. These roofs are lightweight (55 Pounds) and are being allowed in the rules at many tracks in the Northeast.

We have complete mini stock bodies for sale. we stock complete Ford Mustang mini stock bodies including fenders rear quarter panels, hoods, front bumper covers and rear bumper covers. See pics below.


Carl Gustafson Jr.


Brian Gustafson


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